Key Points of Reservoir Grouting Construction Technology and Quality Control Countermeasures

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Xiaozheng Zhu


The rapid improvement of modern science and technology and economic development level has increased people’s demand and requirements for hydropower, and promoted the further development of China’s water conservancy industry. Water conservancy project construction has a direct impact on the people’s livelihood construction and economic construction in China. Therefore, the relevant personnel must improve the importance of the construction technology and quality of water conservancy project, and effectively safeguard the fundamental interests of the country and the masses. In the construction process of the reservoir, the grouting technology has played a positive and key role and has been extremely widely used. Combined with the principle of grouting technology, this paper analyzes the importance and application of grouting technology in the construction process of the reservoir, and puts forward some suggestions for the problems existing at this stage, which is expected to be helpful.


reservoir; grouting process; quality control

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