Discussion on the Safety Management Measures of Water Conservancy Channel Construction

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Jing Zhang


Under the background of modern social and economic development, the construction quantity of water conservancy projects is more and more, which promotes the improvement of national economic income. In order to ensure the smooth construction of water conservancy channel project, improve the quality of engineering construction, need to strengthen the safety management of water conservancy channel construction, pay attention to water conservancy channel safety supervision, effectively control the unsafe factors in the process of construction, minimize the occurrence of engineering construction safety accidents, guarantee channel engineering construction safety, quality and progress. This paper mainly analyzes the main safety management problems and response measures in water conservancy channel construction, aiming to further improve the level of water conservancy channel construction safety management, promote the smooth construction of water conservancy channel project, so as to bring convenience to people’s life, promote the improvement of national economic benefits, and promote the overall safety construction effect.


water conservancy project; channel construction; safety management; measures

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/szgc.v7i8.1605


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