Automation Control and Optimization of Intelligent Knitting and Weaving Machinery

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Zhifa Zeng


This paper explores the automation control and optimization of intelligent knitting and weaving machinery with the aim of enhancing production efficiency, reducing costs, and improving product quality. The research encompasses control system architecture, PLC programming, intelligent control algorithms, data acquisition, and production process optimization. Key issues include the criteria for selecting control algorithms and the application of sensor technology in data acquisition. The paper emphasizes the suitability of different algorithms to meet various production requirements and provides a detailed insight into the importance of sensors in monitoring and adjusting production parameters. Through this study, manufacturers can monitor production processes in real-time, adjust parameters, and enhance product quality, thereby increasing market competitiveness. The conclusions of this study underscore the significance of intelligent control and optimization in the manufacturing industry, offering potential directions for future technological advancements and improvements.


Intelligent control; Knitting and weaving machinery; Sensor technology; Production optimization

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