The Causes and Effects of Adverse Space Weather

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Sekhar Hayashi


Space climate alludes to profoundly upset conditions on the sun, in the sun powered breeze, magnetosphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere that can influence the exhibition and unwavering quality of room borne and ground-based technological frameworks and can jeopardize human existence and wellbeing. Antagonistic changes in the close Earth space climate can cause interruption of satellite operations, correspondences, route, and electric power circulation frameworks, prompting an assortment of financial misfortunes. This paper talks about a portion of the makes that lead unfriendly space climate. The sources are accepted to be on the sun. The spread of these sources through the interplanetary space is inspected. At last, the collaborations of the interplanetary disturbances with the world’s magnetosphere that incorporate bow shock, magnetopause, magnetosphere, and ionosphere are thought of. The case of the June 24-28, 1999 occasion is given to exhibit the sunlight based/interplanetary/magnetosphere between connections. There is no question that the future COS MIC venture will be significant for the investigation of unfriendly space climate.

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