Application of Remote Sensing Technology in Engineering Geological Surveying and Surveying

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Kai Guo


In engineering geological surveying and mapping, in order to better meet the requirements of engineering design and construction, engineering geological surveying and mapping generally uses specialized surveying and mapping techniques. With the gradual and widespread application of modern surveying and mapping technologies, the technical methods and means of geological surveying and mapping will gradually be replaced. In particular, geological surveying and mapping work is an important part of geological surveying and mapping work, which can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of geological surveying and mapping work, thereby avoiding errors caused by human records, especially when conducting research and analyzing the distribution of rock formations and minerals in the area. Only by using image positioning technology can we accurately classify the minerals and rock formations in the area, determine the basic attributes of their geology, ensure the progress of geological surveying and mapping, and reduce the consumption of human resources. Therefore, the paper analyzes the application of remote sensing images in geological surveying and mapping, in order to promote the improvement of the technical level of geological surveying and mapping.


Remote sensing technology; Engineering geological surveying and mapping; Surveying and mapping technology

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