Vol 8, No 1 (2019)

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Zijian Zhao


Buddhist art is an important way to illustrate Buddhist thoughts. Among Buddhist art, Apsaras Art is an extremely significant part of it. Simultaneously, it is the essence of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes art as well as. As it known to all, Apsaras Art, as an artistic expression of religious thoughts, its artistic style is bound to be influenced by different social consciousness in different times with little doubts. At the same time, this influence will inevitably let creators make performance style of Apsaras increasingly close to the mundane life, which is more and more in line with the aesthetic standard of them as a consequence. To go a step further, it is essential to learn the origin of Apsaras. This paper will analyze the artistic characteristics of Apsaras in Mogao Grottoes from three stages of budding period, exploring period and mature period according to the context of the chronicle to generalize about the sinicization of Apsaras Art.

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Xinying Liu


Cultural industry park is an important carrier of cultural industry development. The development of the cultural industry should not neglect the study of the history and process of the construction of cultural industrial parks. This article tries to comb out the experience which can be used for reference through the history of the formation and development of the two major cultural industry parks in the United States. On the basis of the advantages of its own traditional culture, we should grasp the trend and frontier of the development of the world culture industry, absorb and learn from the successful experience of foreign countries, and constantly improve the development level of Tianjin culture industry.

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Luwei Fan


Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the cause of science and technology museums in China is steadily developing. Taking Wuhan as an example, this paper summarizes the regional cultural characteristics of Wuhan, analyzes the construction and integration of educational resources of science and technology museums in the perspective of regional culture.

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Zhongyue Wu


For the library service, as the prison staff is a special group, the prison library is a special cultural service occasion. Based on the comparison and summary of the development experience of the Prison Library at home and abroad, this paper ,combined with the author's years of experience in volunteering and teaching, puts forward a series of suggestions on establishing and perfecting the Prison Library, expecting to provide a certain reference for the development of China 's prison library.

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Managing Editor


This article is based on the interview of Prof. Xiangfu Chen made by Yumeng Bai on January 15, 2019, Beijing.

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