Vol 2, No 1 (2013)

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Fengqi Lv


City building complex urban society with the continuous development of economy, culture and gradually developed, and gradually become an important part of the city, its only function effectively reorganized the space, and the completion of the complex and the combination of urban functions, played beyond the integration of excitation functions. In this paper, Understanding urban complex design features function and points to note from the three aspects of space, function and traffic organization.

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Lihua Li, Xinqi Zheng, Weining Xiang


Site coverage is an important index to learn spatial development pattern of the city. In this paper, with the help of spatial analysis functions of GIS, buffer and sector analysis are imposed in pursuit of finding possible spatial distribution rules of Beijing taken flagpole in Tian’anmen square as center. The results of sector analysis indicate that the building densities in such superior geographical condition areas as southeast and south are higher. Building densities of northern and western areas are low because of their bad terrain. The results of buffer analysis indicate the density of city center is the highest and have a negative relation with the augment of distance. That is to say, the average building density of center areas (buffer 1, 2 and 3, about 7.5km away) is about 26%. The average building density of transition region of city and countryside (buffer 10~20, about 25~50km away from center) is about 9%. The average building density of exurbs (after buffer 20~50km away from center) can't reach to 3%.

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Xiaochu Gu


The fire danger in large urban complexes and fire problems for design review and daily supervision to bring proposed targeted countermeasures for future large-scale urban complex design review and supervision to provide an effective solution methods and measures.

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Liang Li, Xiuli Du, Liyun Li


The state and the arts of research on foundation buried depth effect on building structures are reviewed and summarized in detail from such aspects as static response property and dynamic response property, and a brief discussion is carried out on the future developments and studies. Different scholars have conducted research for this aspect of the issue; the conclusions vary because of differences in the conditions of the upper structure stiffness. Superstructure should consider different stiffness conditions a lot of numerical calculations, foundation depth summary obtained reaction influence on the dynamic characteristics and dynamic soil structure interaction system of law.

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Yin Jin, Yaojun Zhang


In this paper, domestic new commercial complex in the city as the object, focus on city complex building design, as well as to commercial buildings city complex carrier for various uses functions. Structure professional needs in considering structural safety and reasonable at the same time, through structural transformation, increased column and beam combining section steel structure design, to meet the security under the premise of realization of these functions and the need for mutual transformation. Because commercial buildings there is a change in nature, often in the sales process after the completion of the main construction be modified according to the requirements of owners of commercial use, operation of the process and there will be some variability, which adds to the difficulty of the professional work structure.


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