Vol 5, No 1 (2016)

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Nayan Bu


As the EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) model became one of the widely used models in the areas of local and international construction, project management based on the EPC highlights its importance. EPC project commonly refers to the four stages of the project implementation process which are design, procurement, construction and delivery to a construction enterprise for integrated management.The advantage is that it can unleash the leading role of the design by overall optimization in the implementation of the project to realize reasonable cross and full coordination in the various stages of design, procurement and construction, achieving savings in investments as desired by the owners, shorten the construction period, improve the quality and other targets.

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Long Zhai, Bin Tan, Min Ren


As the most important part of Building construction, the electric part 's intelligent control is particularly important. the most important sign of The intelligent control  is the application of control  bus system, only select the appropriate control bus system, and achieve intelligent applications in buildings, elevators, fire, visualization, etc., can meet the household needs. Firstly, the design principle of the electrical control system will be described, and then the CAN - based  bus system control principle and application are discussed, only used for reference.

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Tianqi Yang, Lihui Liao


All above this paper is to give the BIM scientific definition, describes the BIM six technical characteristics and points out the essence of BIM Technology, creatively put forward the mature styling BIM seven technical standards, depicting the BIM Technology Development Tools, and other technical fusion development realize the feasibility of the technical route, show the BIM building life cycle management strategies and methods based on, from the two dimensions of qualitative and quantitative, symbiosis is the example of the fused BIM Technology and energy consumption analysis tool. In the realization of green, smart and sustainable design BIM technology advantages to focus attention, the article finally, the BIM technology in China's engineering practice in the application of the prospects for the future.

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Min Yang


Along with the development of high speed railway, the ratio of high gas tunnel in construction process becomes more and more. Meanwhile, ventilation is an important measure to make sure security of gas tunnel construction, it is a key problem that whether the ventilation system is perfect or not. Through the research of actual gas tunnel, not only to meet the demands of construction, but also to save cost, therefore, it is key point of modern gas tunnel construction. 

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Deyang Liang, Guoqiang Ouyang, Qiusheng Jiang


According to the technical specification requirements of the mine rescue system, CTJ10/96-6, we design a strong exhaust sanitary device driven by air pressure based on pneumatic control, which adopts a key control by mechanical button. It implements many functions, such as flushing and sealing the smell, measuring and strong exhaust by using mechanical and pneumatic transmission. It also meets the demand of design requirements for the safety and explosion-proof of the mine rescue system. 

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Lanyue Hu


The phrase “buildings are the essence of music while music is the flow of buildings†is well known but rarely understood by many. If indeed music is repeated in its simplest way, it could not escape its literary metaphor. This is a property that is difficult to define as music and architecture should be examined from all perspectives. This report examines the compatibility between music and buildings from the viewpoint of modern art which improves our understanding and appreciation of architectural features. Therefore, in principle, the relationship to unify buildings and music should be investigated.


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