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Smart Cities: Present and F...

Topic: Smart Cities: Present and Future Conference Date: 26th to 28th May 2018 Venu: Beijing, China Chairman: Professor Andreas Kappos </br> Website:

Posted: 2018-04-10

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  • ISSN: 2424-8053 (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Dongzhu Chu

    The Journal of Sustainable Urbanization, Planning and Progress (JSUPP) is a multidisciplinary journal of research papers, opinion articles, technical notes and monographs/special issues with a global readership. It offers an outlet for extended papers in the field of urbanization process, sustainable planning techniques, and progress made worldwide in developing sustainable cities. We welcome pape...

  • ISSN: 2382-6436 (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Gu JiDong

    The journal of "Applied Environmental Biotechnology (AEB)" provides a forum in the broad research field of biotechnology in terms of advances, innovation and technologies made at molecular, process, community or ecosystem levels. It will emphasize on the basic biochemistry, molecular processes and molecular biology where the molecules and genes remain the central core of analysis.

  • ISSN: 2382-641X (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Pending

    The Journal of Smart Cities offers a multidisciplinary forum for publishing original research in the area of smart cities, bringing together scholars from the fields of engineering, urban planning, computer science, and information and knowledge management. The Journal of Smart Cities will serve as an international platform by sharing the latest research achievements on smart cities globally, offe...

  • ISSN: 2424-841X (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Wei BingQing

    Advances in Material Science is fully peer-reviewed journal that dedicate in promoting the international exchange of scientific information in material science and technology for studying the relationship between structure, physicochemical properties and application of materials. It focuses on the original research paper, review article and short communication recording results or techniques which...

  • ISSN: 2424-9416 (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Elhoucine Essefi

    International Journal of Geology is a peer-reviewed, gold Open Access journal that focuses on current developments in the field of geology. It publishes theoretical as well as experimental studies on all aspects of geological sciences, and the technologies that are developed for field investigations. We particularly welcome interesting studies from different geo-regions across the globe that addr...

  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Xiangfu Chen

    World Construction is a scholarly peer-reviewed international journal which offers wide ranging and comprehensive coverage of all facets of building construction and planning. The journal aims to promote technical and scientific advances in related fields among academia, professionals, consultants and students by stimulating research, encouraging academic exchange and enhancing professional develo...

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Journal of Sustainable Urbanization, Planning and Progress (可持续城镇化规划与进展)

Unlocking urbanization — leveraging coalitions for transformative change in Indian cities

India is going through the early phase of urbanization with 33% of its citizens currently living in urban areas, with the number expected to go up to 40% by 2030. The sudden growth...

Jaya Dhindaw, Kanchana Ganesan, Madhav Pai

429 Views | 237Downloads

Efficacy of coastal reservoirs to address India's water shortage by impounding excess river flood waters near the coast

India is a sub-continent where presently 320 million people remain in the water-starved parts of the country and according to the UN, this number is expected to increase to 840 mil...

T.G. Sitharam

671 Views | 546Downloads

Will coastal reservoirs dominate future Australian water supplies?

Next to air, fresh water has been always considered as the most important resource, central to economic development as well as to human physiological needs. Currently the total wor...

Shu-Qing Yang

696 Views | 537Downloads

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Applied Environmental Biotechnology (应用环境生物技术)

Efficient degradation of Malachite Green by Aeromonas sp. strain DH-6

Microbial decolorization has been investigated extensively. Various microbes have been studied for their dye removing capability; however, microbial decolorizer with a strong envir...

Lin Na Du,Ke Ke Pan,Gang Li,Yu Yi Yang,Fang Cheng Xu

402 Views | 83Downloads

Biodegradability of plastics: the pitfalls

Biodegradation of plastics as a research topic has received increasing attention due to their recalcitrant nature and large quantities, but little progresses and new information ha...

Ji-Dong Gu

562 Views | 525Downloads

Microbial biomass C and N dynamics, and 15N incorporation into microbial biomass under faba bean, canola, barley, and summer fallow in a Gray Luvisol

Microbial biomass C and N dynamics was studied of the soils cropped to faba bean, canola, barley and summer fallow in the Breton Plots in Canada. Stable isotope 15N was used to tra...

Ji-Dong Gu, William B McGill

538 Views | 499Downloads

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Journal of Smart Cities (智慧城市)

Development of an integrated smart water grid model as a portfolio of climate smart cities

Currently, there is no overarching model to integrating city planning, smart techniques and climate change. After reviewing the existing literature on the theoretical framework of ...

Kwi-Gon Kim

471 Views | 434Downloads

A Smarter Approach Towards Smarter Cities

Smart cities have gained widespread interests in the recent years. However, the understanding of the subject can differ among different smart cities' communities, particularly acro...

Jason Ng

559 Views | 538Downloads

Achieving interoperability of smart city data: An analysis of 311 datas

A major challenge in making cities smarter is performing comparative analyses across two or more cities, or within a city across two or more departments. The problem is that data ...

Soroosh Nalchiga;Mark Fox

585 Views | 493Downloads

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Advances in Material Science (材料科学前沿)

Study on energy-saving insulation materials in the buildings exterior

Construction industry has been one of Chinas energy guzzlers, if we can reduce the energy consumption of the building industry through the use of new materials or new technologies,...

Zhang Yang, Ya-Zhi Hu

611 Views | 465Downloads

The research progress on lifting technique of 120 m span steel roof truss

Assembling and mounting of steel truss of super large span roof are analyzed. Steel truss factory prefabricated parts are used. An overall jig frame is sectionally assembled on sit...

Han-Shi Lu, Min-Ming Lu

518 Views | 456Downloads

Experimental investigation of the three-point bending fatigue properties of carbon fiber composite laminates

The three-point bending fatigue properties of carbon fiber epoxy matrix composite laminates were compared for fatigue loading stress levels of 75, 80 and 85%, and fatigue loading f...

Tao Yang, Mei-Hong He, Xue-Juan Niu, Yu Du

516 Views | 482Downloads

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International Journal of Geology (国际地质学)

The application of digital logging in exploration of Jiang Cang coalfield in Qinghai province

A lot of well logging on to Jiang Cang coalfield in the past work and achieved good results, but due to differ in age, instrumentation equipment and method were different. In order...

Liu Zhiyou, Huo Jinghuan, Zhu Xiaogang

197 Views | 150Downloads

Research on the solidification of silt with cement and zeolite as additives

Silt solidification is an important method of silt disposal,and it’s proved to be quick effectiveness and time saving and large in capacity.In recent years,the industrial polluti...

Feng Cheng, Wang Baotian, Li Shoude

154 Views | 142Downloads

Research on meatal goaf detection: a case study on the Duan Village-Leigou monohydrallite goaf

The increasing scope and depth of the mining formed more and more goaf. The geological disasters such as collapse in goaf bring the hidden danger to the people. Therefore, it is pa...

Zhao Shuxia, Wang Wanliang

160 Views | 142Downloads

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World Construction (世界建筑)

Technical analysis on deep foundation pit supporting in architectural engineering construction

In recent years, the construction industry shows a rapid development in China. The amount of high-rise buildings continually increases, and in the meanwhile, the technical requirem...

Jia Peng Tang, Li Guo Zhu, Shao Hui Yan, Zhong Chao Qi, Yan Hai Yan

490 Views | 439Downloads

The relationship between urban planning and architectural design

With the continuous expansion of the urban area in China, people pay more and more attention to the relationship between urban planning and construction design. Architectural desig...

Li Ping Xu, Jian Hua Li, Ling Jiang Kong, Jun Wei Sun, Hai Peng Wang

568 Views | 490Downloads

The problem and the solution in municipal building construction management

In recent years, with the progress of the society and sustainable development of national economy, to some extent for the stable progress of urbanization construction, as well as t...

Li Na Xuan, Chao Chao Guo, Ren Wei Li, Zi Shang Chu, Yong Tong Zhou

449 Views | 460Downloads

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